A Poem Written By A Youth With FASD

Here at Parents Helping Parents Ontario FASD, we understand that while FASD impacts many ares of life, that doesn’t mean those living with FASD don’t also have strengths, hopes and dreams. Today we feel honoured to share with you a poem written by a youth with FASD, a poignant reminder of the contribution people navigating FASD bring to the work we do and the communities they are in.

There are things about me that are unique 
Unique can be good 
I have friends and interests and hobbies too 
Even if sometimes I need more support than you 

Each day I try my best, and when it doesn’t work it isn’t that I need to try harder 
I can see I’m learning and making progress even when it appears smaller

Your support and help means I am closer to reaching my hopes and goals 
Even when sometimes it feels like when people hear the term FASD they only see the woes

My goals may not always look like yours 
My goals may take a bit more time 
But progress is still progress 
And FASD doesn’t change that

FASD is part of me but it isn’t the whole of me. 
There’s lots of me that is just like you 
And lots of me that’s unique to me too

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