Meet Another Parent Mentor

We met parent mentor A last week and now we have another one of our FASD parent community members to introduce! Meet our Tuesday, Thursday and Friday daytime parent community member. The photo of the moose above will make sense from her bio! 🙂

I’m an adoptive parent and foster parent to children, teens and now adults with FASD. I’ve learned through experience that while FASD means we have to do things differently, continually advocate and sometimes get frustrated at the closed doors our kids and our family face, it can also mean watching our kids meet milestones that were not always possible, and learn new skills and strengths. I found my greatest support has always been other parents who walk a similar path and really get it, and I hope to help those who connect with us by listening, understanding and sharing ideas. We are definitely stronger together! 
In my spare time (what spare time?!) I like to be by water, read books and every summer say this is the year I’ll find a moose in it’s natural habitat. One can dream. The reality is most of my days are spent doing dishes, laundry, advocating, making ends meet, and finding creative ways to parent the amazing kids who call me Mom. I also facilitate a peer support group. A great reminder we really are all in this together and sometimes it feels like it’s only other parents in the FASD community who really understand. Welcome! 

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