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Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and in need of support? Do you wish you could just pick up the phone and talk to another parent/caregiver who knows what you’re going through, with whom you don’t have to explain because they share your experience caring for someone affected by FASD? The Parent Helping Parent Ontario FASD peer support group is here to ensure you don’t feel alone. As parents and caregivers with lived experience, while we are not a crisis team, we are a group of people who understand. Through our phone line, you can reach us seven days a week from 10 am to 10 pm and find a listening ear who will help remind you that you aren’t alone. Call 647 572-4519 to reach an Ontario based Peer Mentor.

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September 2022

Parenting children, youth and adults affected by FASD is both rewarding and challenging. It’s safe to say it can  be one of  the most challenging experiences any parent can have. Dealing with systems that still don’t understand, appreciate and accommodate FASD as a brain based, neuro-developmental disability is frustrating, overwhelming, and annoying. We are twoContinue reading “September 2022”

Celebrate PRIDE Month with us!

Let’s remember to celebrate PRIDE not just this month, but every month. No matter who you are, you are wonderfully made, and deserve to be loved, appreciated, and happy!


On January 15th, popular NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live aired a skit that featured prenatal alcohol exposure as the punchline to the joke. The FASD community was understandably shaken to hear the news. As we know, FASD is the most prevalent developmental disability but remains largely underfunded, misunderstood, and misrepresented on the rareContinue reading “FASD IS NOT A PUNCHLINE”

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